Mad About Plaid

Plaid, or tartan, is one of my all time favorite patterns.  I wear it throughout the year, however, during the holiday season the pattern becomes more popular.  The print is everywhere and comes in a variety of colors.  I own plaid purses, jackets, shoes, tops, dresses, etc...   Still it's Christmas, I wanted to take this opportunity to show some of my favorite plaid items this season.  

If you've been following me for a while, you might have noticed that J Crew is one of my favorite brands.  I wear it all the time.  Whenever the magazine comes in the mail, I always take my time and highlight everything I want and then visit the store.  J Crew is bae!  The items above stood out to me instantly when I saw them.  Some I have, like the Edie Top (top right) and the Perfect shirt (just beneath).  Other items I know I'm getting for Christmas like the taffeta skirt and the Excursion Quilted Vest.  My fiance has the plaid tie, which I wear because I think girls look awesome in ties and bow ties!  All these items can be seen here!  

Dooney & Bourke is a brand that I love and respect and have always had good experiences with; from the quality to the customer service.  The first designer handbag I ever received was from Dooney & Bourke when I was eleven.  I loved that bag and wore it everywhere.  Recently they began collaborating with Disney, and I own bags featuring the Disney princesses.  I was shocked to find out they also do cute plaid bags.  The purse I'm holding in the cover image I received last year for Christmas.  Whenever I wear it, people always stop me and say how beautiful it is.  They do so many beautiful plaid bags that are good quality and will last a long time.  Click the link (here) to browse the website and see the plaid bags they offer!

Another way I like to add plaid is through home decor.  My family own plaid pillows and blankets.  However, I think plaid furniture can add a chic festive touch, especially during the holidays.  The Skyline Furniture Square Nail Button Ottoman (center) can be found on Overstock.  The chair and bench are from One Kings Lane (website).  If plaid furniture is a little too much, try accessories like pillows or ornaments.  The trio of pillows (top left) can be found on Etsy (here).  The two deer pillows are from Home Decorators (here).  The three box ornaments (bottom left) are from Big Lots!  Dillard's also does fabulous plaid ornaments.  Some, of which, are on my Christmas tree.

Check out all the links I have provided.  I hope you all enjoy the print as much as I do!