Small Bags

Hi Everyone! 


In this post I wanted to share the purses that I purchased or was given in the month of December. And before you ask "Why?," I'll tell you.  When I first started wearing designer handbags, my philosophy was "the bigger, the better!"  I only wanted huge bags that I could throw all my unnecessary crap in. However, over time, my back and shoulders started to hurt.  At first I didn't know why. It wasn't until someone pointed out that I was carrying a big purse, with big wallet, multiple pairs of glasses, a Lilly Pulitzer agenda and like two months worth of receipts...OMGee

While I still love my big bags, such as my Louis Vuitton Metis or my Longchamp bags.  I made it a mission to begin carrying smaller handbags, especially on the weekends. 


Whenever I go to Orlando, my trip isn't complete without a stop to the outlet mall.  Since Orlando is so touristy, the shopping is incredible.   One of the stores I must visit is the Tory Burch outlet.  Tory Burch is one of my favorite designers.  I own a lot of her clothes and shoes, however, prior to December I only owned one purse.  This trip I made it a mission to buy another purse....I ended up purchasing three....yikes!  But! In all fairness, one was a Christmas gift for my mother.   


Aren't they beautiful!?!  When I saw them, I fell in love.  One thing about me is that I'm not a huge fan of pops of color.  I'll do it occasionally, but when I wear all black, I typically like wearing all black.   These two purses came in multiple colors, so when choosing mine, I thought about my wardrobe.  Some would say that my wardrobe looks like a unicorn exploded.  Good!  That's why I chose hot pink and aqua blue handbags.   

I'm so happy with my purchases. Buying both was worth it to me because I got them at a discount AND I don't travel to Orlando often.  


This is the purse my fiancé and I purchased for my mother.  She loved it!  Sadly, she suffers from the same thing I do, carry way too much stuff.  This purse come with straps and it has three openings.  

If any of you are in Orlando or around a Tory Burch outlet, I encourage you to go.  All three purses I purchased should be still available.


On to Christmas!  

For Christmas this year, my fiancé spoiled me rotten!  I was completely surprised and shocked that he purchased these items. 



I guess he was paying attention all the times I said I wanted smaller handbags.  He got me a gold Tory Burch bag and gold and baby pink Tory cardholder.  Both, of which, are on sale right now with an additional 30% off!  He also got me a Kate Spade wallet with detachable straps.    

I can't wait to style these purses with my wardrobe for 2017!  Subscribe for my updates and see how I rock these bags.  

Stay tuned....