Archie's Girl

I love Betty & Veronica and I grew up reading their comic books!  My mom introduced them to my as a kid; she has been reading Archie comics since the 60's!  Once I began reading Betty & Veronica I was hooked too.  While I don't collect the comics books anymore (I own hundreds of copies), occasionally I'll grab a book at  my local grocery store while standing in the check out line.

When any designer or brand does a Archie comic collection, I try my best to support it.  A few years ago MAC released the Archie Girls collection and I purchased almost the entire range.  Last year I found out that Rachel Antonoff was designing a collection and immediately signed up for email updates awaiting the official release.  The collection is fantastic!  The first item that I purchased from the collection was this Veronica Button Up.  While I've always rooted for Betty, I knew I more like Veronica (southern, spoiled lol!) Although I purchased it last year, it's still available and on SALE!  I definitely will be purchasing more from this collection, so stay tuned!

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Veronica Button Up ( here ), Zara Frill Pants (similar  here ), Steve Madden Heels (similar  here ), Gucci Purse, Celine Sunnies

Veronica Button Up (here), Zara Frill Pants (similar here), Steve Madden Heels (similar here), Gucci Purse, Celine Sunnies