Think Pink

Hi Dolls!

So, I have a confession.... 

My name is Jasmin and I am addicted to the color pink!  It is my favorite color, but my least worn color in my closet.  I have been wanting to incorporate more pink into my wardrobe for some time now.  Spring is here, so why not start now.  I have slowly been collecting more pink items since February.  Instead of purchasing items in navy blue (which I typically lean towards), I have chosen the pink option, if applicable.  From headbands, to nail polish, to shoes, to purses and etc...if it's pink...I'm looking at it.  And because I have been looking so much, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds.  Below are pieces that I have either purchased already, plan on purchasing or just really like.  Some of these pieces will be popping up on the blog soon.  I hope you guys like them too.  I will definitely be wearing a lot more pink on this blog... so you've been warned lol!

From right to left:

Double-breasted blazer, Elastic Waist Trousers, Horsebi Loafers, Slingback Bow Pumps

Flower Earrings, Ruffled Jacket, Marmont Leather Belt Bag, Marmont Shoulder Bag

Starry Suede Mule, Suede Bucket Bag, Outfit deets- see previous post!, Rockstud Spike Bag