Wild Fable

Hi Dolls! 

So there I was, in Target, minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something amazing! I saw this jacket by a brand called Wild Fable. I’d never heard of the brand before, but I knew I had to have this jacket.  I put it in my cart and began exploring more items.  And just my luck, this jacket had a matching skirt.  I died...

When I came back to life, I put the skirt in my cart too.   I completely forgot that I only went to Target for soap.  However, I came out with this fab outfit.

Wild Fable is a new brand for younger women. The style is reminiscent of the 90’s, however this outfit reminded of the 70’s.   They have a lot of cute pieces, most I probably wouldn’t wear being 29 and all...but definitely check the brand out next time you’re in Target! 


Wild Fable  Jacket  &  Skirt , Aldo Pumps (similar  here ), Coach Outlet Sierra  Satchel , Nordstrom Sunnies, Zara Earrings (sold out), Chanel  Ring  & Brooch (old)

Wild Fable Jacket & Skirt, Aldo Pumps (similar here), Coach Outlet Sierra Satchel, Nordstrom Sunnies, Zara Earrings (sold out), Chanel Ring & Brooch (old)