Fall Decor

Hi Dolls! And Happy Fall!

I’m finally back with a new blog post.  This time I’m showing you guys how I decorated my tiny apartment for fall.  My husband and I have lived here for a year and a half, but this is the first time I decorated for fall.  Last year, around this time, we were three months shy of getting married and about to go on our bachelor/bachelorette trips...so it’s safe to say my mind was preoccupied. 

A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to decorate... on a budget.  I also wanted to use the items I already had in my house...but the thing is....my house is pretty unique.  I immediately noticed that most items in store for fall had the traditional hues of orange, red, brown etc...  And those colors don’t match my wonky house at all.   What was I going to do?

I decided to stick with the cool tones of navy, light green and white while incorporating pops of orange.  Almost all the items I used came from the Target (dollar spot), At Home and Home Goods.  And almost everything was under $10!



The first thing I had to do was switch out my pastel pink pillows with these seaform green pillows I got at Home Goods.  Each pillow was $16.99.  I like contrast between the rich navy blue/leopard print and the pastels (especially since my rug and lamps are white).


This center piece has to be my favorite creation I made!  The base is apart of the Target x Hearth & Hans with agnolia collection by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The blue & white vase, I’ve had for a while (Home Goods). I collect them wherever I can find them. The clear pumpkin and silverish pumpkin came from At Home, the big white pumpkin came from Home Goods, and everything else came from the Target Dollar spot! 


I found this ceramic pumpkin decorative bowls for $5 at Target in the dollar section. I loved them so much, I bought three in the colors green, orange and white!  The cloth pumpkin is also from the Target dollar spot...and personally my favorite find. They cost a $1 and I definitely bought like 10!  The two jars behind I already had, but the pumpkins in the glass container came from Pier 1.  


Again, the two jars, I already owned.  The gold pumpkins came from Home Goods and the other two pumpkins came from the Target dollar spot.


The blue & white jars I already owned, as well as the gold skull and white tray.  Everything else came from the Target dollar spot!  Told y’all...Target dollar spot is where it’s at!  And off the the distance by my sink, you can see more items from Target.  


The jar on the right, I typically fill with fresh flowers...I love fresh flowers in my home.  My husband even got involved and found this $5 candle at Target.  It’s in the scent Orange Clove and smells great!  We burn it almost everyday.


Welp, there you go!  It’s not a lot but I love it and it looks great in my small apartment.  I’m pretty proud of myself for even attempting to decorate...and on a budget!

Check out your local Target, At Home, Pier 1 and Home Goods for more fall finds!